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IMG_9787Hi there and welcome to my blog. I am an early retiree who has left science and academia to pursue creativity. As an artist and artisan who enjoys making all kinds of things I call myself a generalist or more simply — a maker. My current living arrangements are as a part-time cook/garden volunteer/artist-in-residence at an art guild in the Cascade foothills of Washington where I am joyfully learning all kinds of new creative outlets to add to the painting, drawing, carving, sewing, knitting, jewelry-making that I already do. Now I find myself also making glass mosaic, clay sculpture, functional pottery, or woven blankets and scarves — and it is all quite wonderful.

When I’m not making things or otherwise working at the guild I am traveling to festivals, or just traveling — another favorite hobby of mine, which I like to remember through photography. You are most welcome to visit my Arsenic Creations website to browse the galleries — which showcase several styles of art, photography, mosaic, and jewelry, with wood carving coming soon. Two of my children also contribute art, photography, poetry and short stories to the website, so there is much to enjoy — welcome and see you there soon!

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